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As technology advances, IT infrastructures are one potential route for businesses to increase their energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Even small improvements can have a big impact on energy consumption and as a result, cut costs.

'To get a clearer understanding, 451 Research modelled the energy use and efficiency of data centres of over 300 companies (with annual revenues of $10m-1bn) from a range of industries across France, Germany, Ireland, Spain and Sweden and compared them with the more energy-efficient cloud solutions.'

Learn about:

  • Utilising AWS cloud solutions rather than on-premises enterprise data centres in Europe
  • More efficient operations such as cooling regime
  • Better utilisation – load balancing across a hyperscale infrastructure
  • Reducing energy usage by nearly 80% and carbon emissions up to 96%

Download our full report for greater insights into how switching to our cloud solutions can benefit your business and the planet.

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