Forrester A Practical Guide To A Zero Trust Implementation

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Secure Workload Access On Your Journey To Zero Trust

Including the licensed Forrester report: A Practical Guide To Zero Trust Implementation

Since Forrester first introduced the model over a decade ago, Zero Trust has gained popularity and become the preferred security model for many enterprise and government organizations. The Zero Trust model shifts the focus of security from a perimeter-based defense to one that is based on minimizing implicit trust by continuously verifying that access is secure, authenticated, and authorized. Organizations that successfully implement a Zero Trust program increase customer trust and get better protection of employee, customer, and company data. However, these benefits do not come without effort; proper planning, training, and staffing must complement the new security technologies and platforms that are part of the overall Zero Trust program.

Download this asset to learn how to:

- Secure workload communications in an increasingly cloud-driven world

 - Protect the edge, and

 -Leverage Zero Trust against compliance regimes

You will also receive complimentary access to the Forrester report: A Practical Guide To Zero Trust Implementation. Now is the time for organizations to make real progress on the journey to Zero Trust.

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