Lessons from past vulnerability exploits and how WAF can help

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Fight web attacks in seconds without slowing down your website.

The onset of 2020 was marked by the disclosure of a ‘serious’ cyber attack against the United Nations, which compromised 42 core servers. Targeting infrastructure with known vulnerabilities is a common tactic adopted by numerous cyber criminals.

However, it is extremely difficult to operationally implement security efforts in a world where every gap could be a potential for an attack. There are security tools available that can help you mitigate these kinds of attacks, including WAF.

Learn how WAF can help keep your site safe from attacks. This guide will touch on:

  • How WAF can help keep your site safe from attacks
  • The importance of patching infrastructure
  • Securing the fundamentals with a layered defense approach
  • Cloudflare's WAF solution for today and the future


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