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Predicts 2022: Consolidated Security Platforms Are the Future

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Security and risk management leaders continue to be asked to do more with less — facing more demand for service, fast-changing threat landscapes and insufficient technical talent. This research predicts that platform consolidation will help SRM leaders’ organizations thrive in hostile environments.

Security technologies and mindsets have continuously oscillated between best-of-breed and platform solutions (even if the latter has too often been a marketing construct, more than an actual approach). This oscillation is driven by buying centers, vendor preferences and technical demands. It has left organizations and security and risk management (SRM) leaders with huge technical debt and often a fragmented, complicated infrastructure that doesn’t help an organization’s mission to enable its digital business. Such infrastructures are hard to manage, limit visibility to the true state of security, and have created gaps between silos or mismatched policies.

Gartner’s 2020 Security and IAM Adoption Trends Survey shows that most organizations have or plan to have a vendor consolidation strategy). Only 20% did not plan to adopt such a strategy, and, of those already in the process, more than 80% had been consolidating for at least a year.

Key Findings

  • Driven by the need to reduce complexity, leverage commonalities and minimize management overhead, security technology convergence is accelerating across multiple disciplines.

  • Organizations are working or planning to work on vendor consolidation strategies; this is a long-term project for most of them, because it’s often a large architectural shift.

  • Vendors are increasingly divided into “platform” and “portfolio” camps, with the former integrating tools to make a whole that’s greater than the sum of the parts, and the latter packaging products with little integration.

  • Technology consolidation is not limited to one technology area or even to a closely related set of technologies; these consolidations are happening in parallel across many security areas.

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